Brugmansia sanguinea photos and ID question

mark4321_gwMarch 1, 2012

A couple months ago I picked up a 1 gallon Brugmansia sanguinea at Hortica Nursery in San Francisco (in bud, $9 I think).

The first flower opened a few weeks ago, with another opening in a couple days, and a third in a couple more weeks.

The tag reads "Brugmansia sanguinea 'Pasachoa'" and indicates that the plant comes from Suncrest Nurseries (wholesaler).

Here is the first flower:

However, I recently found this tag stuck in the pot...

A search of the Suncrest site does indeed suggest that they have both varieties (or what they call both varieties):

"sanguinea âÂÂInca QueenâÂÂ. This is a larger, treelike selection, growing as much as 15' tall. It has distinctly scalloped leaves, bright green above and greyish green beneath, and orange-red blossoms with yellow centers. âÂÂPasachoaâ is similar but has slightly redder flowers. These plants bloom well with less heat than most brugmansias and will endure winter lows of around 20oF."

Does anyone have any idea which it might be? Or neither? Clearly it is B. sanguinea... I would emphasize that any confusion has nothing to do with the SF nursery--they were sold a plant labeled B. sanguinea 'Pasachoa'.

On a sort of completely different note, this plant was in bloom at Annie's Annuals in Richmond a few weeks ago:

I assume it's B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess' (I guess I could have checked the tag...). This could potentially be their old stock plant or possibly a newer plant of that variety from someone local (not sure if I should give names, but possibly someone who does/did post on this forum).

I've moved a couple times since I grew (but did not bloom) 'Inca Princess' and I do not grow the plant at the moment.

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Randy I don't know but if I had to guess I'd say it's an Inca Queen. I looked at some pics of B. sanguinea 'Pasachoa' and the flowers look much redder. All are gorgeous. I'd love to grow them but just don't think that they'd do well here. I've tried the regular sanguinea. The plant grows but doesn't bloom and vulcanicolas just kind of peter out.

You might want to try BGI to see if you can get any more info.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Hi Mark. It doesn't look like it could be 'Inca Queen' to me, but possibly could be 'Pasachoa', espcecially if it turns out to be a distinctively smaller tree than other sangs growing in the same conditions in your garden.
Karyn, the color intensity is not really an identifier of these, as the same plant can have all-green flowers in certain conditions and vivid-red in others.
The yellow could be any unnamed seedling. There are hundreds of them floating around, so not all yellow sangs can be assumed to be 'Inca Princess'. :)
- Tom

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Randy I'd definitely go with Tom's answer. He knows more about these then I do.

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Randy, Just saw your post. Looking at the photo again, I'm not sure about the sanguinea ID. It could actually be 'Inca Queen' but with much paler flower due to cold temperatures. Once it warms up a bit this spring, the color might intensify and go even further up the corolla. On the other hand, for 'Pasachoa' the color goes up too far.
The yellow sanguinea from Annie's is most likely 'Inca Princess'. I got one from them about a year ago. It was the only yellow sang they had. The flower does develop the characteristic orange tinge upon ageing and it matched in all aspects the 'Inca Princess' plants which I received from two other sources.

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