Opuntia monocantha variegata

jakerosoftJune 3, 2006

Pictures of an Opuntia monocantha variegata just starting to bloom.

Also two unidentified plants showing new growth.

I think they may be an Opuntia and an Euphorbia.

If anyone can ID these I would greatly appreciate it!


Here is a link that might be useful: pictures

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Correction, Opuntia monacantha variegata

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robcacti(Hungary EUR)

Sorry folk, there is not a flower on your Opuntia.
But I have a good news for you, your Euphorbia is a beautyful E. greewayi. It's sensible for frost.

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I think unidentified #2 some kind of tephrocactus, an opuntioid. Not sure of the species though. I agree with robcacti- that's not a flower on your O. monacantha, but actual new growth of the plant.


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