Succulent ID and repotting

gonzyroJune 20, 2006

Hello, everybody! I bought recently this beautiful succulent, but I don´t know its name. It´s also a little too big for the small pot, and I wanted to know if and how can I repot it. It has a little plantlet growing at its it safe to repot that little one too?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



Image link:

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keep it in its pot, these guys like to be root bound. it will send up lots of babies

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karen715(z5 IL)

I can't help with the cultural questions, but your plant looks like Haworthia limifolia to me.

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Go ahead and repot. The offsets from limifolia often come from the roots, so separate it or cut it off when you unpot, and leave to air dry for a day or two. As with most succulents, don't water immediately after potting, but wait a few days, and then give just a little bit until you see new growth. And Happy Birthday to you in advance!

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hablu(z8 Netherlands)

Haworthia limifolia. I would not repot yet. these plants can stay for ages in the same pot and as far as I can see: room enough. I have mine in a light place with only some late afternoon direct sun. Little water and hardly ever some fertilizer. greets hablu

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hello and thanks for your answers. I´m kind of confused though, since opinions differ.
I really appreciate your input!!

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tjsangel(z5 OH)


Nice plant you have! I'd repot, but in the same size, in a clay pot for better drainage. It doesnt need more room from the looks of it.


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