best winter succulent care?

Elizabeth WhiteMarch 19, 2007

I've got a small group of succulents (various echeveria, kalanchoe thyrsiflora, aeoniums, and a few more I haven't been able to identify!). During the summer they go outside and seem very happy. In the winter, the best I can do is a west-facing window. I try not to overwater, but I still managed to kill a lithops (a totally cool one that had just bloomed...). The sunlight just isn't that strong here in the winter.

Soon they'll be able to go outside again and be happy! Any tips for keeping them healthy over the winter?



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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I don't know about the others but the Lithops is easy. If it had flowered then it needed no water at all until at least now and possibly still another couple of months.

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lithops are very sensitive to water, non in the winter, little in the summer. South facing window anywhere in your house? Make sure your mix drains very well, allow to dry between watering, no or very little fert in winter.

if your cacti get too fussy, stick them outside for a couple hours, that'll make them appreciate what they have inside. (just kidding)

good luck,

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If you can find a place that is cold but not freezing, you can keep many succulents in a state of suspended animation, especially those that are active during the summer months (NOT Lithops!). Light is not required if the plants are dormant.

Echeverias will definitely survive nicely, they can be treated like cactus in that regard; aeoniums might be trickier since they are mediterranean plants, and kalanchoe depends on the species, K. thyrsifolia will be OK, I've been successful with 2 of mine. The keys are not to water, use a dense soil mix that doesn't become bone dry, and fresh air.

In my opinion, the plants will suffer much more while struggling with low light and warm temperatures, which will result in weak plants more prone to disease.

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