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lesdvs9September 21, 2008

I had to run errands at the mall a week ago and I made the mistake of glancing in at the new SPCA store as I walked by.....I went home with an almost 10 year old female shepard mix that had been in shelters for 3 months, unadoptable because of her age. She'd been chipped and when she was found on the street and her owners called they said they let her go because they just didn't want her anymore. She's a very gentle dog, she was supposed to like cats, ha! she chases them and likes kids which she does. My 4 cats plus a female that adopted us last summer scattered to the neighbors, so I spent 3 days putting in a fence that gives the cats the side of the house with the garage and the rose garden and the dog the yard with the grass. I'm still trying to coax the cats to come back however:)

It's been a year since we had to put our dog to sleep but he was just about this age. We aren't ready for the commitment of a puppy, but we thought we could give an old dog a home for a couple of years that she has left. Now, if she would just leave the cats alone.... I did do this fence by myself, DH had back surgery last month. I'm pretty proud of it and amazed at myself at the same time:)

This is a pic of Bridget, she's camera shy and a partial of my new fence, you can even see my little memorial for Jackson in the front, the stone.

How are you guys doing??

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CA Kate

What a pretty dog. I'm sure she does like cats... she likes to chase them just fine. ;-D

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Bridget is beautiful, Leslie!! Your garden looks like it's been there forever! I love that new fence you put in, too. I hope your kitties come back soon. :)

DH's family went on a Mediterranean cruise, and his dad became very ill due to complications from diabetes. He's currently in a hospital in Naples, Italy, finally moved out of ICU yesterday, and he has at least 3 more days worth of Italian hospital in his future.

I would like to have a month without drama someday soon.


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Thanks ladies, I took her to the groomer on Sat, she was pretty under all that mat:) She's thwarted by that fence though, so it works, now to convince the cats it's safe to come home.

Brenda I'm sorry to hear that, I hope DH's dad fully recovers, that's terrible to have something like that happen and happen so far from home.

So much drama you say, with a lot of family something seems to always be going on. You're full recovered now though, right??

Glad you like my garden, you can't see them yet but the whole front of the fence has young minis yet to grow up.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Hi Leslie...I can't believe your back yard, it just seems that the time goes by so fast.One day your lot is empty, then a dragon moves in and then the roses start getting planted. Anyhow it's all just gorgeous and you really have done a super job. Happy too that you adopted the new pet, I don't understand some people sometimes! Take care and enjoy....hello's to Brenda, Westelle too! Pat

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