Osage Oranges....

CA KateOctober 30, 2008

... or Hedge Apples: I have been looking for these since we moved to CA to put in the closets against spiders and moths. I found a site that sells them thru a link on the thread "Speaking of Gophers". I bought 8 -- one for each closet and under the beds.

Why my obsession: I've never had a biting-spiders-in-the-closet problem anywhere we've ever lived.... except here in CA. I used to be able to buy an insect thingy for the closets from HD -- a J&J product, but CA must have outlawed it because I can't find it anywhere.

My daughter lived in Benicia for awhile. I put one of these thingys in each of her closets. An hour later the outside of her closets were lined with spiders escaping the inside of the closets. The site was unbelievable.

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What's a biting spider look like??

How've you been Westelle? I'm enjoying the cooler weather for sure myself:)

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CA Kate

I haven't a clue what they look like since they're so tiny. I got the Osage Oranges yesterday and put them n the closets immediately. I hope they work because I'm sure tired of getting bit from inside my clothes.

J&J used to make an anti-bug/spiders/moths thing for closets that worked so good, but I haven't seen them in years.... probably can't be sold in CA.

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I have the house sprayed, a strict leave the grass/garden/fences alone policy though. I don't want the beneficials I'm encouraging in the garden harmed or all my toads, I had a bumper crop of praying mantis this year to counter act the bumper crop of aphids that destroyed the roses end of April. I can't stand spiders though. I'll have to look these up, I do get some little ones that make webs under the counter in my bath, never had them in my walk in closet though. If they're a problem in this area I want to know, ugh. I'll have to check it and anti methods, if I find anything new I'll let you know. This is not the recluse spider though?

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CA Kate

Not Recluse.... Hide-in-the-Pajama kind.

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CA Kate

So far no new bites. The Osages are beginning to rot and so need to be removed any day now, but I'd say they did the job. I wonder if I can start any of the seeds. I'll have to cut them open to see what's in there.

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