Coral Cactus. could someone give me pointers?

chuck_greenthumbMarch 11, 2011

Should it be so green?

i will cut out the gravel (cause it's glued in)

and move it to another pot soon.

What would be an ideal temperature range?

How should i be watering it? (similar to most cactus and succulents?)

Is fertilizing kosher? (currently using osmocote, should i buy a specialty fertilizer for cactus & succulents or stick with osmocote?)

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Is that a crested Euphorbia? Wow, that's some production line grafting!

1) Yes, but will colour up with more sun - don't give it too much, though, because it may burn.

2) Warm temps, not too cool (>60F) at night, is ideal.

3) Yep, nailed it there.

4) Osmocote is fine, but I fertilize in the water as needed, that way it's not fertilized each time I do water - just a personal preference, as you'll find Osmocote proponents as well. I used diluted Miracle-Gro.

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I meant to mention, in case you didn't know, that if it is a Euphorbia, be careful about the sap (the white latex stuff which will drip at the slightest provocation with the plant) - it may be an irritant or worse to you, so no getting in the mucous membranes especially or the skin in general. I'm just saying to be careful, but the plant's not yet large enough for you to need a hazmat suit.

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Chuck, that is a crested Euphorbia lactea, grafted onto E. neriifolia, it appears too me. There are different colour variations. I think yours will stay green. Of course, if it was a crested E. lactea variegata 'White Ghost', it would be mostly white, with some pinkish highlights also. You have a nice plant there in any case.


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cactusmcharris: i actually have no idea what it's name is.
i saw some at a nursery which were in bloom with a reddish color and large leaves and figured i'd get one.

1. alright. i'll probably have to move it somewhere with alittle shade
bout how many hours of sunlight do you reckon would be sufficient?
what changes could occur if it does start to burn?

2. my house usually stays around that temperature at night. stays round 70-75 most days.

3. im alittle new to using fertilizer. It's actually my first year trying it out.

Sap? where does it usually come from?
any particular reason for the sap?
just started reading up on some info about it. I dont necessarily have to take cuttings or do any cutting do i?
(i try hard not to damage my plants)

kaktuskris: what should i be doing to help it grow and bloom? (i've only managed to get my christmas cacti to bloom yearly, but nothing else.)
and thanks :) i've definitely got my work cut out for me.

What signs should i look out for incase something unfortunate happens? (overwatering, underwatering, insects, mold, fungus, etc.)

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Chuck, I wouldn't expect blooms on a crested E. lactea, which is, as I said, what you have. The flowers on most succulent Euphorbia, properly called cyathia, are usually very small anyway. I think I can see some small leaves at the top of your plant, the typical tiny, temporary leaves of E. lactea. If you saw larger leaves on other plants, it was probably from the rootstock, the E. neriifolia part. I don't see your plant turning reddish, maybe some others were, as I said, the 'White Ghost' form. I would put it in an unglazed clay pot if it were mine, with a well draining potting mix, and always follow the golden rule for watering succulents, which is, "When in doubt, don't."

If you ever cut the skin of the plant, you will see the white latex, which can be irritating in varying degrees to the skin and eyes. Simple rule is wash hands thoroughly after handling the plant, or immediately if the latex gets on you.


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jade_man(P.A. zone 5)

i saw these at Lowes for 5 bucks on clearance today. i think i should have got one?

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I wanted to mention, your succulent that is in the pot with the gravel has very little soil. When I transplanted, I found the gravel is glued together to keep the plant upright. I bought mine at a national hardware store. I transplanted and the plant is going on its 3rd year. Made my own soil mix. Hope this helps. Easy on the watering. I let the pot dry out. Gorgeous plant.

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I didn't water my green one at all over the winter. I just got the White Ghost a few months ago but probably won't water that one either. They get watered when it rains during the summer. I keep them in full sun and the edges turn red as well as the tiny little leaves. The White Ghost gets much redder then the green variety. Mine are inside now so they are losing the red color, especially the green one.

Crested E. lactea

White Ghost

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HELP::::My coral cactus just fell over and it had not been watered in a month and i thought it was water nope i checked that off then i remember i saw a dime size green looking fungus on the white one now these i have die if I water them I KNOW I BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH OF EM...Now they were side by side and one about 2 years old the other about a year one taller that got the fungus looking thing before I could get to it to cut it off dang it fell over ready for the morgue. now my third and newest one did not get it they were all close I took it covered the base with a hand towel washed the crest like i was told to do and added some fresh dirt. i do not understand what the heck has happened. ole ghost is fine the green one caught it from the old one and now i am at a lost of understanding what has happened. have any of y'all ever experienced this i have orchids and they get enough moister from being around them thats why they dont get watered but to fall over before i could do the operation was just amazing. I would like to hear back from all you to make it a bit clear i had a green one a white/pink one and the only one living and seem to be doing fine is the youngest white ghost. I could just cry.

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photos? Punctuation?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Ah, crested, runs away....

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Lzrddr,

I thought that too (very hard to read), but looks closely, there's punctuation, just no capital letters; hard to make sense of it.


The way you've written makes it quite hard to see what you want. It might help us to help you, if you could pls. ask specific questions individually.

Also, did you mean to share a picture?

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I am french and I tried to speak the slang English with the help of spell checker for those who say I did not spell correctly. Sorry you misunderstood. I shall bow out gracefully and know that we are not all the same. If I do not understand people I do not say anything negative to them at all. AS I do not to you with the negative post. I came here to ask a question not to be judged as I will not judge your ignorance that we are all different. Oui.
Is it necessary to show pictures of rotted plants does your mind not comprehend?

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Plan A AND Part one:
A crested E White Ghost plant that use to get watered 1 time a month fell over and now has a fungus on it. The ones prior to this are dead, long story short for the Crested E White Ghost has the same fungus as the older ones did at they're early demise but those crested E. plants where adorned by green crest.

Part two: The second plant type is orchid family that grows near the crested E. White ghost. the orchids didn't need watering because they watered the E. White ghost enough for the orchids to also be sustained and didn't need to be watered.

Part three: The OP also states there own solution and stated they where going to perform a task with goals and hopeful to resolve the same murderous fungus that destroyed the E. with Green crowns is also or was building up on the current and still living E. White Ghost.

Yes I might loose you here guys but ....

Solution: being as they said; They are leaving the orchids of unknown type with Tarzan in the S. Western Tanzania jungles and will place the crested E. White Ghost on the back of a bull elephant heading toward the open airs and rocky inland of the second most southern country known as Nairobi. Which as most of us know is also on the opposite side of the same UN-named continent.

Part four: As we all know killing by fungus any Crested E.s white or green crown Euphorbia is one thing but as P.I.T.A gets involved in massive numbers to protest the OP for attempting to abuse a bull elephant a new plan had emerged.

Plan B: After the fact of protest from P.I.T.A. more than one person on GW forum agrees that a pic or more than one pic would provide better evidence to indicate that more than a bull elephant received to much water and something might get a new soil.

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Julie don't get too upset about what people say. It is hard to read what you have written, and it is hard to know how to be helpful in such cases. It doesn't mean you are bad and not worthy of help. A picture is good if possible and needs no translation. What I would do in your case is look to the soil that your euphorbias are in and make sure it isn't water retentive. If the crest came off the graft and that is what made it fall over, that is one thing. If the roots rotted and the whole thing fell over, that is another. I'm sorry you lost two of the three that you had.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Is somebody on drugs here? I feel like I just walked into the wrong room!

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oh BTW one looked just liked the green one at the top of his post the other was white. all fina la woops.

I was born in America but my parents would only speak french around me its very hard going to a country and you can speak different languages but at home not taught it and they knew English but its not in any language to be rude to a person and that is in all languages. it shows me that the above persons are in need of a book to learn to commune with people not just there few friends in there group. bad things have been said about people in here to me so as i said bye to rudeness and hi to people who have a god personality also I am not old well if you call 28 old. Bad only receives bad, but a person with good temperance will be a gratitude in there life. I would never date a bad mannered person or rude person. I was told someone is to report I am not sure what exactly they meant they said no need to act like a monkey ? Adios I also speak 9 languages not that I can spell them theres a big difference and do not bash me for what I say I only have repeated what was told to me.

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greenlarry did you receive the message I sent you? Also thank you for your kind words to a professor that teaches and do have respect in the collage I am at. My you be blessed. I do not like pictures because i get hit on by men/boys/students I do not like.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Message? I got no message.

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Yes, a photo of just the plant (and not any people) that has fungus or is rotting is helpful, especially if the photo is in focus and not fuzzy. A close up of an area that has evidence of disease, or if the roots are exposed, would help diagnose what the problem is.

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I don't know why I sent it through your name account...well anyway I was just thanking you for being so nice about these rude persons that tried to have fun at someone else expense
thanks for what you said. Its nice to know there still some nice people on here.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I dont remember saying anything complimentary to be honest, and I certainly wasnt taking sides. Thats not me!

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