Kylie seeds....Oh boy!

sandysseeds007March 29, 2010

Kylie's got her fingers out of her garden sooner or Tis' the season for busy busy members.

I have at least 16 seeds well germinated in my water gel crystals which have now been delicately transplated into 2x2" pots. 12 came from Kylie's batches of seeds whilst only 4 Super Pink have come up from all their seeds 4/40 or so. I did stop decorking the SP as any that I had decorked that even removed a tad bit of skin died. So the group left in cork I'll have to wait and see.

About 1/2 of the germinated potted seeds have come through the soil, just mostly peeking through...but I'm releived.

I was scared for them all, as I used a seed heat mat. After about 14 hours on I checked the temperature and dang if the thing was reading well over 90 deg. What the heck is that about? I was so sure I cooked them that I uprooted one just to see how it looked, but o.k. I imagined trashing the whole tray and all. I was so

Suffice to say, the mat has been removed from below the cells, having germination done anyway and I stuck it under the bigger pots I have for my double pink Monika's, one which is not doing so well so, by the way, I should of NOT have removed there scraggly looking branches until the outdoor grown branches came in well leaved. Oh well, live and learn. I believe it was Tim who advised me not to but TOO LATE! If I had only waited 1 day....sigh....but it's not dead yet!

Well happy anyway! Have tons of new ones to. I only need one of each to survive me and I'll be very Not that I know how any of the seedlings are going to come out...

I have to question eBay's dergardener's Langenbuscher and Ferbeuer. I got the seeds and the cork is not only still on the seeds which you wouldn't expect when buying SEEDS, but the pieces of cork are as small as the Cassie's Curls. Not anything you'd expect for paid for seeds that should be for a robust growing big brug! Very immature and their very pale color implies they are dryed out - when adding moisture as is 24 hour pre-soak, they turned as brown as dark coffee grounds.

Any input on this? I could post a picture, but as small as they are in the picture they are smaller from their thin sides, just can't stand them up to provide the angle.

I thought the same of their Super Pink corked seeds, but these are even way worse, all very small, and I paid way more and got way less see.

- Sandy

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lol I know what your talking about with the seeds I bought 4-5 auctions I took the cork off then soaked the seeds tried pressing them on soil fugus galore. So then he sent me a message about putting the seeds on pearlite in a container with a litte water in it sterile of course. And cover it this has worked well for me. Depends on the cultivar some of the seeds were decent size others were tiny tiny I peeled them anyways proably shouldn't but did. Last auction i bought was angels flight x angels summertime I ended up with 3 good seed others were empty I ended up with 3 super spot x angel flight seedlings all we can do is try some people use funicide on the seeds so they don't rot i tried it. Seeds didn't die I would think that if the seeds were peeled and then shipped they would dry out or not be protected? When I can figure out how to post pictures here I'll show you some of mine some came out like there lifting weights others are not as strong but will make it. One as 3 starter leaves and its first set of leaves were 3 too. Dana

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Glad to hear that the seeds you got from Kylei had good germination. I had very few bad looking seeds (immature or empty) from dergardener but have had poor germination. I think that's just a chance you take and is not a reflection on the seller. Some batches of seed are better then others and some perfectly good seeds are much smaller then others. I don't believe that seller would send old seed. I also didn't have any that molded in the soil but I am starting the other half in rockwool cubes to see if that improves the germination rate. Sandy I've never bought seeds that have already had the cork removed and don't know anyone that would send them decorked. The only time I don't peel brug seeds is when they are still fresh and moist. I always peel seeds that I've soaked.

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Sorry, no apostrophe or question mark to use for typing. I probably need to reboot.

Yep, you are both right. All the brug seeds I ever ordered did come with their cork on. My point was that these are so very small that I would of expected them to make sure they were sending me seeds, not just a chance at getting seeds. Like I said, these are real small. I can not even peel any cork off even one of them without threat of damaging the skin of the seed; I obviously stopped peeling the cork when I saw how immature they are. No seed was going to come clean out, like all of the others I have bought. Except for Kyliès gift of Cassies Curls, which are germinating but it is a 3 foot tall brug, of these I did not peel to much cork from, if at all, as I did not want to risk hurting the small seed - which are big compared to these LBxF. I do not know if they would of come out clean, I just did not want to risk it. I have 5 CCs popping the soil now.

I am not saying that the LBxF will not grow, but it is only a chance that they sold me, as they are not fully ripe seeds but perhaps mature enough. It is the size and robust growing characteristics of the LB which is the mother which I expected mature clean seeds to come from the cork.
I do not mind them leaving the cork on, but sell me seeds not chance.

If they sent me all viable seeds then I would of had at least the seven to get through germination, that I can do. Its the next few growth stages Im worried about.

I hope you are both right and I get at least 3 to germinate.
My methods are full proof, so if they can germinate, they will. That fungus on their Super Pink seeds sent me for a loop though. Ill wait a few weeks before I leave feedback, they aught to thank you both!

Dana - was it you who said they crossed super pink with Maya. Did they tell you that. I didnt ask. I figured they didnt know. Maya is a big brug to. Not saying they are the same cross but I can

Thanks Dana & Karyn
Sorry for - Sandy

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The tally left of the seedlings. 1 Super pink, 2 Jinny Lynn, 3 Cassie's curls, 7 Miss Emily McKenzie and 1 mix up (while seeds - found in the sink) which could be Lamour or most likely another MEM. You can imagine how happy I am, as it is the MEM that I REALLY wanted to grow. So with so many, when I transplant outside, I'm sure to get one of these safely through the general hazards of outdoor living!
I'm a wee bit nervous on the CC's as I'd like one of those to make it to. They'll all be taken care of equally, so time will tell what I'll have left to decide from of which to keep.

So Kylie, are all the MEM's from the same pod? I'd like to think, if they were, that being so, they would all have the same inherited characteristics from their parents. So it won't be difficult to figure out what to keep at the end of this growing season, as I don't expect, in our short growing season to see flowers at all, though I'm hoping.

If they're from mixed pods, then I'd have to go with the robust growers but not know what else I'm giving up...I don't favor that, but I do like the idea of having a choice of outcomes if I can keep them long enough to see what they're made up of!

Maybe only 3 MEM's will survive and I can keep them all, and my question would be redundant. It may still redundant to resolve my problem, as maybe they may be all different and I won't know what the characteristics are going to be ultimately, which would take the second year to know for absolute certainty. Soooo, are the seeds grown in the same pod, if given identical growing conditions, the same?

Thanks Again Kylie ;)- Sandy

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Sandy, I have bought numerous seeds from Volker and if you had an abnormally large number of empty seeds, email Volker and he will replace them for you. Again, when you are buying seeds it is a gamble. I had 11 seeds of LBG x Bergfeuer and 5 germinated. I lost all but one this winter due to a collapsed makeshift greenhouse but boy is that a healthy looking plant.

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Brseaton- thank you for the input. But it's been almost 2 months and no germination at all. I had 5 shoot a small root out of the Super Pink and 3 terminated from that point on. 2 are left, one has very tiny leaves at 1 1/2 inches, in comparison to seeds started from Kylie a week later that are as tall as 9" tall and none shorter than 6". Not that all of Kylie's germinated either but those that were mature surely did. The other seed, although it rooted about a month ago, is not even above ground, but the root is still there.

Nothing from the LBG & Bergfeuer as of 1 3/4 months later.
I have 2 of Brenda's seeds already germinating from a Pink Perfektion x Amber not even a week in.

When a person is buying seeds commercially, they aren't gambling on whether seeds are viable, they expect them to be, give or take a couple. With cork that floats covering these seeds, its a little hard for us to tell, unless we remove the cork which should be able to be done on mature seeds. And I'm not saying less mature seeds won't grow, but 1/10 germination is not what we're buying. These were really small seeds for any brug seed I've ever seen, but definately shaped like a brug seed which is unique to brugs. I won't speculate on what I think is being done, but I will contact them, rather than leave the feedback I intended to.

I don't like anybody who continually screws with other people as though nothing mattered if it didn't matter to them, or if they were only looking out for themselves. But as you have had viable seed come from them, I'll only give the one factor that might of made the difference, and that is they may have sent the seeds in too cold of weather, which I can't possibly know but they should. I'd like to believe their motives or intent aren't purely selfish.

Again, thanks for the input, I don't like displacing my anger either. And you don't sound like a 'kiss ass' type of person looking to gain something, as you have no motive to do so, so I'll definately trust you :) - Sandy

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

"Soooo, are the seeds grown in the same pod, if given identical growing conditions, the same? "

Sandy, think the seedlings as the kids in a family. They are raised in identical conditions but are no means the same are they? The kids can have different coloured hair, be fat, thin, short tall etc..... the seeds from the same pod are the same way, they have the same cross ( parents) but each seed has it's own characteristics.

For the sake of the newer Brug people in the forum it may be wise to call the seeds by the full cross
[i.e.MEM x XXX ]rather than by just the pod parent as you are. I would hate anyone to get the wrong idea that the seedlings from a pod on MEM would be called MEM when they grew up.

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chena(z8 Texas)

YAY!! I am glad you are having some success with them ..They were freshly harvested .I hope everyone else has as much luck as you.. Ruth Ann is right.. They are NOIDS and did come from 2 different pods X ??.. and should be labeled as such...âº
Good Luck


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Ruth_Ann - Thank you, I value your input. And yes, you're right about them needing to be stated as crosses. I had discussed them as crosses before, but obviously not on this thread, so I've been presuming that the facts were already stated at the beginning. There is only one set of seeds that both parents are known, LBGxFB. Otherwise all others were being referred to by their mothers name nee X. They can not ever be called by their mother's name without the fact that they are crosses (x's). Even if the father is known they are still just crosses and not 'named', as they are not registered as a specific brug with it's own set of unique characteristics, with at least one that sets it apart from all other registered brugs.

Kylie, Thanks. Now I won't know which ones I'd be giving up...bummer. Any chance the Cassie's Curls mated with a versicolor? That would be so cool, a miniature versicolor!
That is, if it stayed Yeah, I know, they're all still OP's (open pollinated).

- Sandy

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Well, I have the following germination report on Volker's seeds planted 4/30:

Joli x Charleston 8 out of 15 so far (so far)
Joli x Angles Flight 5 out of eight (so far)
Freebee he said was doubtful: 1 so far (strange pale, shriveled looking seeds before soaking) Angels Sunrise x Color Point

AF x Super Spot: 4 robust seedlings

I have 4 other Volker plants (3 var.)( from last year one of which is LBG x Bergfeuer and it is a monster (I had more but all frozen to death last winter). I can't wait to see it bloom!!!!

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