Fall is finally here, where are you guys???

lesdvs9November 8, 2008

Here are some pics from my garden, thankfully the 100's are finally gone!!

Where are you Brenda and Pat?? What have you been up to and do you have any pics to share?

Westelle how about you, any new craft projects going on?

I've been working on some rose calenders myself:)

Hope you like them,


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CA Kate

I'm here. Been doing research on Type 2 diabetes and hunting down suitable recipes since DH has been diagnosed with it. Grainlady has been a big help from the Cooking Forum.

I've given up trying to do the big stuff in the gardens..... like pruning trees and the big manzanitas. Had the tree pruners in today. I'm going to get a gardener to come and help with more.

I don't have any pretty pictures to show. You have such beautiful roses, Leslie.

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I'll have to look up the Cooking Forum then and see what's up. I've got a couple of diabetes cookbooks but always looking for new recipes, I love to bake.

I'm glad you're not trying to do the big stuff any longer, there comes a time it's just easier and safer to just hire someone. Then make sure they do it the way you want them too:)

Thanks for the complements on my roses, I didn't realize I had my minis open on my album. Here's a couple larger ones, can't resist.

this is about a third of the large rose garden area at the end of Oct. All the roses are still blooming strong right now though. This is really all minis showing in the pic though.

Now, where is Pat and Brenda??

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Here's Pat! Just took a look at the back yard,what a mess!
BUT...some of the Mums have survived the neglect, if I can manage all this paraphenalia(sp) I'll take some pictures! Now where is Brenda!

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Hiya Pat! Good to hear from you:) I heard you had a little problem though, I'm very sorry about that and you're having a tough time getting around town now. I hope you can figure a way around that.

I hope you're feeling ok and would love to see any pics you can manage to take. I even put up a statue that says the weeds are free to take:) Are you doing any crafts?

I heard from Brenda, she said that her FIL is still having bad health problems and she has to be on the phone a lot and since she has dial up that means she needs to keep the line free. She said he dog's femur got broken and she's playing nurse and her DH is working though she's upset with him that it happened on his watch. He fell out of the back of the truck.

She says she misses us though and she was worried about you, Pat.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

PLEASE...no need for anyone to worry. what will be will be & all that b.s! DD makes sure that I get and take all the RX's and is rather enjoying bossing me around. And frankly, it's rather nice to have someone else do the thinking for a change. Most importantly is keeping a sense of humor and we manage that pretty well. I got some pix this a.m. but now the PC is going tempermental on me, I can't believe sometimes that I actually talk to this machine & of course it doesn't do a thing that I ask. Well, I'm starting to ramble so will stop here. Love to all of you, please keep in touch! Pat

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CA Kate

I just picked a bucket of Olives. I got some lye at the hardware store and am now looking thru' all my old notes -- and Pat's booklet -- to see what to do. I have some really ripe ones too -- soft -- that I might try putting in the juicer to see if I can get any oil out. HAH! Wouldn't that be something.

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