Brugs are outside

peanut01(7VA)March 8, 2011

I seem to remember others stating that Brugmansia will be hardy as long as it does not get below freezing. Is that true? I moved my Brugs outside this afternoon since it will be above freezing for the next ten days. Only a few of my Brugs still have leaves. Most of them are just sticks at this time. It will rain tomorrow so I am hoping the sticks that were plants last year will form leaves. Last year Jean Fasco, versicolor Ecuador Pink, and my NOID Yellow bloomed. My Noid Yellow smelled excellent, Jean Fasco kinda smelled like baby powder, and Ecuador Pink didn't have a fragrance but was beautiful.

Maybe Kel's Girlie Girl will bloom along with Temple Goddess, Peaches and Cream, and Versicolor Apricot this season. Only time will tell. All these Brugs look pretty pitiful at this time but are outside and potted up. This year I will probably leave 1 variety in the ground. My mother left three varieties in the ground last year so they will be a good test for hardiness. I will be sure to let others know if any varieties come back this year here in VA.


David K

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Since these have been stored in a protected area the past few months I wouldn't keep them outside with temps below 45-50. It's the brugs that are already aclimated to being outside year round that can withstand the cold temps.

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They were all stored in my attached garage which has some pretty low temps but not below freezing. None of my Brugs look very good at this time. A few formed some small leaves since I placed them outside. SO far so good.

The 10 day forecast shows a low of 34 but never below freezing. Spring is in the air with my dafs up and starting to bloom, my forsythia blooming, and my crocus are spent.

Happy growing everyone.


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It's actually been a bit warmer then I expected. I put a couple dozen plants that were infested with mealy bugs outside during the storm. I forgot to take one in. It lost it's foliage but doesn't look like it suffered serious damage.

It looks like you have a zoysia lawn. We switched to zoysia about 12 years ago. Best thing we ever did. No weeds, no need to water, even during a drought. The only thing I don't like is the color after the first freeze.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Zoysia is nice grass..Doesn't grow real fast and mows up Beautiful.. We had Zoysia in Ga. kind of pokey to sit down on tho!! LOL

Be careful with the low temps.. Easier to haul them than it is to start from scratch.. ;0)


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Ours isn't prickly to walk on when it's green. It actually feels like nice thick plush carpeting but once it dries out you don't want to go out there barefoot.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I have been thinking of taking mine outside.

When I moved I was so overloaded with other things to do and left my Brugs out until Jan. January in this area is cold snow and some very bad weather time. The pots froze solid. At that point I thought they were dead. When I moved them I thought of only saving my very expensive pots but they returned the next year.

I said all that to say....I am also going to take mine out and see what happens if it looks like we will get a bad snow storm which has happened this late in the year I will cover them. But I think it is time for them to go outside.

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Zoysia is amazing. It is more comfortable than my carpet to walk on barefoot. The only thing I do not like about it is when other types of grass mix in so when it is supposed to be yellow in the winter there may be some patches of green. Also the other type of grasses grow faster in the summer so that negates the benefit of not having to mow much. But with that said... When i mow my lawn the lines are amazing and I have neighbors who always comment on my lawn. They always ask what chemicals I use and I do not use any.

About 5 of my Brugs have partially leaved up by now. There are a few that may only come back from the roots, but only time will tell. The 10 day shows a low of 34 so I still think I am in the clear(fingers are crossed though).


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My Brugs went out yesterday. 78* daytime, 55* nite. Looking good!

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3 days of below freezing temps for VA in the next 10 days. SO I will be moving them back inside for a bit Thursday thru Sunday, then back out they go.


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