CA KateDecember 10, 2008

DH's at home job is really cutting into my time.... guess who gets to be his occasional secretary? Yup!

But yesterday I did manage to get some bread baked to take as gifts along with jars of Christmas Jam for today's luncheon with some friends. I made 4 1# loaves and 3 2# loaves. I had to get out my biggest pot to mix this huge batch in. Luckily the dough was easy to handle... even in that large of a quantity.

I created a WInter Photo Album on my Mac and finally got the courage to press the send button to have copies printed up for gifts for our kids. The Mac version was sooooo easy to use.... much better than the one on Kodak's site. Now I have my fingers crossed in hopes that these books turn out as good as I hope they do.

One of these days I really need to get out and do some Christmas shopping since I know presents will be expected. HAH!

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The Mac photo album sounds great! I wish i had the nerve to try it. I've had Mac's for about 12 years, but have never learned to do the really clever and fun stuff. Mostly I just do the internet, and post on various boards, sell on ebay and upload pictures.

I'm not getting into the Christmas spirit much this year. Can't seem to get my time organized or presents ordered or purchased. Also some family problems going on that cause stress and unhappiness. Since I'm the mom and grandma, I feel like I should be able to do something to settle things down, but I can't seem to make anyone budge. A small contingent of family will be here for Christmas, but not everyone. Sometimes things get out of control and there is nothing you can do but wait.

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CA Kate

I'm sorry to hear that this won't be the best Christmas ever, but you never can tell what Fate has in store.

The Albums arrived the other day and are beautiful. I'm sooooo relieved. If you have iPhoto there is a little icon at the bottom of your page that says book; press it and see what you get. I went to the apple site and got a really nice tutorial also. I had great photos and put them to good use.

I have most of my shopping done now and hope to get the tree up tomorrow.

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I'm glad you're trying the books out. I did a photo book on Shutterfly and it turned out really nice. I did a bunch of calenders this year for gifts also, also pics on mugs. I liked Photobuckets calenders better than Kodaks also. I don't know if others enjoy the home made gifts as much as I like making them though. All my shopping was done weeks ago. We made the trip to Modesto to drop gifts off to that set of grandkids on Fri.

I never bothered with inside decorations this year. We did the outside. A friend passed away and all the shine is off the holiday. The funeral is this afternoon.

I hate being my DH's secretary, he has lousy handwriting and grammar.

Where will you be for Christmas this year? I hope you have a lovely holiday.

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CA Kate

Ho! I know what you mean about the handwriting..... I had to re-write all the envelopes just so the postman could read the address! '-D

I begrudgingly decorated the house and put up the wreathes on the gates and the barn. We finally hauled the tree out of the barn; upon unwrapping found that it was inhabited by 2 mice and a very smelly nest. After much de-scenting effort we put it outside and bought a new one. Much more effort than I wanted. However, the new tree is un-boxed, fluffed, and decorated.

The first family arrived today and the 2nd will come on Xmas Day. All the hugs have made it all worth the effort.

I wish you all a nice, comfortable Holiday!

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

It sounds pretty much like you've all got your acts together, except for a few clichs, but don't fret over those, remember this is a day of celebrating a birth! I really missed not shopping this year, but the kids, g-kids are all grown up and this is the year they celebrate with their spouses families. I'll be spending the holiday by myself this year.Having to haul this oxygen apparatus around pretty well limits my activity, but this will be a good time for me to try to pack up all the art materials that I will keep and stack all the arts/crafts stuff in boxes to get rid of. Next week is when I try out my transportation service, that will be an adventure! You all have a wonderful holiday with your friends & family, I'll see you next year! Love you all! Pat

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CA Kate

DId i miss something, Pat? What transportation service did you finally find?

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

I think I mentioned sometime ago that the senior citizen transportation service had been cancelled due to no funding. Well, evidentally they got renewed funding, so it seems they are back in business. Will let you all know how it turns out next week! Pat

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