Waffle anyone...?

devo_2006October 27, 2008

The unusual banding of this plant caught my eye...then I checked the tag, & found it was called Neotanthus 'Waffle'. A quick check on FCBS told me the plant is a bigeneric of Neoregelia & Cryptanthus, made by Foster. The FCBS photo looks a bit different, so I thought I would post pic's of this plant, ask if anyone else is growing it, & if so please post pic's. It would be interesting to see how it looks in other growing conditions.

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I grow a similar looking plant, xNeotanthus 'Firefoam'. I have mine under some trees but it does get a decent amount of sun in the winter but very little in the summer.

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Hi devo and Bromadams, I really like the banding. What is the flower like? All the best, Nev.

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The bromdex shows some boring neo like flowers. Mine hasn't flowered yet.

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Hi all - I also grow this Bi-generic as Neotanthus and It has white flowers similar to the cryptanthus parent.

Cheers Richard

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Hi Devo,
I love it and it looks like you got two for the price of one. That makes it even better as far as I'm concerned.

Ya'll please keep the photos coming so I can keep drooling.


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