Tillandsia Cyanea - tips before going away on holiday

AledysV(Western Europe)October 16, 2011

Hi! I am leaving on a long holiday soon and I would like to know what I should do to care for my Tillandsia Cyanea before I leave.

I live in the NL - which means that right now it's autumn and that in the house it'll be cold and probably not very light... not ideal conditions for a Tillandsia, I guess. Should I leave the pot in a bowl with enough water, on a windowsill....? Please, help!


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Hi everyone
AledysV - As you say the conditions will not be good for bromeliads, cold temperatures and low light combined are not good, and although bromeliads are very resilient plants, I think that standing the plant in a bowl with water is probably a death sentence under those conditions. Remember the water will get very cold and as well as the roots being waterlogged they will alos be very cold as well, not a good combination.

Far better to farm it out to one of your neighbours, even one with no experience with bromeliads could care for it better if you give them some simple written instructions on what's required.

All the best, Nev.

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FshyPlnts(5, 6)

I have a number of Tillandsia in my dormroom. About two or three days before breaks I will thoroughly soak the plants in water for about 12-15 hours (a long time...). After taking the plant out of the water and shaking it off, it place it in an area where they will get indirect sunlight most of the day. I have left them like this for up to 3 weeks without any problems. Just be sure that the moment you get back home, you rinse them in water to get them acclimated again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Envi Sci and FshyPlnts

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