what happen if I fertilize liquid fertilizer 0-27-31 long-term

sailommosOctober 31, 2013

From Thailand....Sorry my english lang is not good
fertilizing is my hobby.

I just brought liquid fertilizer 0-27-31.
I fertilized my Bromeliads, Neo, Till ,Bill ,Aech weekly with 1 of 5 strength from the label. (I have a free time)

(I know about the recommendation about feeding should be monthly or twice a month)

I read much about fertilizing with Bromeliads but cannot find the best idea. (I know about no fertilizing is the best )

Could you tell me about long-term feeding 0-27-31. Fertilizer.

Sometime I mix Amino , Carbohydate, All in one Hormones (auxins ,cytokinins ,gibberellins ,...)

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No one ,please !

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I fertilise when I pot up. I will give Vrieseas & Guzmanias some extra maybe 6monthly.
If you folia feed it should be at 1/4 strength.

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I think the important thing with your choice in fertilizer is to avoid the urea based nitrogen unless you're dealing with the truly terrestrial bromeliads. It is my understanding that with epiphytes this type of nitrogen is useless since it needs the bacteria in soil to break it down into usable product for the plant.

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