Tillandsia 'Creation' (?)

tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)October 19, 2006

I acquired this as usual as an anonimous plant and now when flowering, it would look like the T. Creation, at least this is the most similar plant I could find between the FCBS photos.

What do you think about?

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look at this

Here is a link that might be useful: try this

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tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)

I am sure it is not T. cyanea, very common here. My plant is much bigger, reddish leave undersides, the inflorescence branched, less ellyptical.

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You've got the real deal there Tomas. An exquisite plant. There was a post last year (Sept.?) here on your plant.

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Tomas,no doubt in my mind its 'Creation'. Had one a few years ago. Its a 'creation' of Til.platyrhachis and Til.cyania, [see fcbs Til.#329]and is a subdued form of platyrhachis,which is a bit larger. Would be difficult to find a T.platyrhachis around,but 'Creation' is fairly available,and popular. Another nice inflorescence similar to Creation,is Til.wagneriana,a soft green leaved plant with an outstanding bloom.

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I think 'Creation' is one of the greatest Tillandsias ever. I've seen specimens here with as many as 20 spikes on them! Fragrant, too.

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Hi! I just barely saw this thread...

That is most surely a fine specimen of T. Creation. I'm working on getting a large one for my B-Day as I'm writing this! I also think it is one of the coolest looking Tillandsia hybrids. Being that T. platyrhachis are very expensive and hard to find, I think Creation is even BETTER because, it is a prolific multiplier after blooming, and the bloom shape/traits look nearly identical to the platyrhachis plant--and I hear the bloom stage lasts far longer. Can't WAIT to get mine!! ;-)

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