whose flower am I - a quiz

brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)October 31, 2009

Alot of my broms have come into flower after the first good rain of the season. So, I thought I'd post a couple of pics here for you to guess at. They might be easy to some of you hard core brom enthusiasts, but have a go anyway.








#7 (and not quite blooming)

By the way, I truelly believe the ants DO pollinate the flowers!

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#2 Aechmea 'Jean' and thats about all I recognise. I agree about the ants.

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Hi B.A good posting but ? if you move the mouse over the photos their names appear so it would be an easy guess hmmm?1 Aechmea' Alvarez' , 2 Aechmea 'Chianti ' 3 Ne. 'Marble throat' 4 Neo, 'Pheasant' 5 Neo ,punctata ? 6 Neo,'Bevvie Bee' 7 Nid, ' Ruby Lee' . and yes some fowers are pollinated by ants ,depends on the type of Brom. cheers, Jack

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Aww...... Jack gave it away!

Yes, when you do a quiz, be sure to remove any identifying file titles before putting them in Photobucket, and do not title them there. Best to just use numbers.

BTW, have you sniffed Marble Throat? The flowers are fragrant!

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Hi brom_adorer,

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I thought I had nailed most of them but on checking, only about 50%, however still learning.

If it's any consolation, I also forgot to remove the names on some pic's I posted in a similar way some time back.

They're great pic's anyway, so thanks for sharing with us.

All the best, Nev.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi BA,

I was feeling so smug after having worked out 'Alvarez' and checking my answer against fcbs and some other pics, then I moved onto the next one and sat there completely baffled .... then I noticed the cursor caption. Ah well, some great pics and good fun anyway! Thanks for showing them. I must remember that myself.

Cheers, Paul

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The flowers on your Alvarez looks quite a bit different than the one I have. I'm no taxonomist so I can't describe it but you seem to have more of a group of flowers while mine has more individuals.

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Doh? What my name?! he he.
Ok, I've learned something new! Next time, no naming in photobucket.
Lisa, I haven't had my nose near Marble throat, but now I will. I hadn't realised any of the neoregelia genus were fragrant. What others would have a scent? (neos)
Nev, thanks for your kind words. I am not able to join in the other quizzes yet, as I am too inexperienced to recognise the many plants out there, let alone their telltale markings/flowers e t c.
Brom Adams, those flowers clusters are at the bottom of the flower spike, one on each side, the top flowers are individual though.
When next there are some flowers, i will post without naming them! Then you'll have a harder time, Jack! he he.

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Fragrant Neos are not something you'd ordinarily notice unless you had your face down in there pollinating, BA, but there are a few. At first I thought I was just imagining it, but every time I'd pollinate Marble Throat or a MT hybrid, I'd notice a sweet scent.

N. maculata is another one (I am fairly convinced that MT is more closely related to maculata than to chlorosticta, but I can't get anyone else to jump on the bandwagon). Also, I used to have an untagged species that was quite fragrant. Looking at the FCBS photos, I'm pretty sure it must have been N. odorata, which would make sense.

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Hi everyone ,yeah was bit mean of me to give it away ,but someone was going to do it ,and it was only fair to you B.A to let you know straight away ,now you can do some other stuff and make it difficult for us (specially me as i am hopeless at it) and so now you wont make that mistake again Hmmm ? and it was a good idea so give it another bash ,i may have to do one sometime as well . Cheers Jack

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Thanks Lisa, I still haven't had a sniff, but I promise I will. It stinks in the shade house, as some of the larger Neos in flower smell rotten. I gave them a good flushing out with fresh water yesterday, but i didn't get a chance to go in there today to see if it made a difference.
Its allright Jack, i forgive you! he he. It did cross my mind that you can click on the picture and access photobucket, but i didn't think anyone would bother, and I've never noticed captions before, maybe because I have never scrolled over the pics before, always leaving my cursor over the scroll bar.
I'll do another quizz when i have some more plants in flower.

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Glad you forgave me B.A ,i allways scroll over the photos ,just to see hmmmm ? yep its cheating but i do it anyway,did 'nt do it intentionally this time but ? its the only guessing game i will ever get 100% , Jack

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Lisa, I had a whiff of N. 'Marble throat' and it does ahve a nice fragrance. Thanks for putting me on to that!

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