Echinopsis/Tricho mix

aztcqnJuly 24, 2013

After reading up on mixes. Shoot, I realized I used too much sand in mine!!!! About 50%. I planted trichos in it using porous clay pots and am now wondering if this will be detrimental as it seems water trickles down slowly through it. :[
Was hoping if I adjust the watering I can leave them there for about a year...... It does get rainy in winter, here in S. Cali, but, I will bring my plants under shelter at that time.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

You should take this to the discussion board. You are on the gallery and it is kind of dead here most of the time. Yea, sand can be deadly. It is not bad in a ground mix but bad in a pot. But even in the ground one wants course sand and grit like crushed granite.

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