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marcie_new(z8)March 7, 2010

Hi every one I have some datura seeds coming up!! they were even in order form light to darlk I labeled all 3 rows of seeds mind you each row is about 4 seeds long,Anyway husband decided to move my seeds and walla the seeds are no longer label , so I am kind of upset about his help but can't say anything cause at least he is trying to do something, since he is working on getting his heart back to normal, and his energy is coming back up so sloowy!I think he is getting a little better he is starting to grumble about my having seeds inside instead of out side and so he decided to move the containers next to the window instead of leaving them on top of the refrigerator or on top of the micro. I went ahead and planted some brug seeds and see if they spruout up for me.

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Oops, sorry that your new seedlings lost their labels. Maybe when they flower you will be able to tag them again.

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Marcie, all is not lost- some of the darker varieties have purple stems. So, if you have any, you can separate those out from the others! It may be a little help! Ah, well-intentioned helpful hubbies- ya gotta love 'em.......... when you are not on the verge of strangling them!! LOL!

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lol I know that is so frustrating. I have done the same thing but only to my self. So now I make a grid lol a hard copy on paper, and I label each row of cells, and columns, and each flat .lolol I confuse my self .
I have flat I, II, III each has 72 spots so I have 12 rows each label 1,2,3,4,ect, and each column labeled A,B,C,D,E,F. I have a paper print out of each flat lolol I even have room to make notes for each like how many seeds are in each and the date and a small description of the seed, Hyb. ect.... Yeah I think I have a little OCD problem lololo

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PKponder TX(7b)

I am like you, I make endless charts :-) Good exercise on rainy or cold days.


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