Help, Mealybugs!

lactamien(z8a WA)August 17, 2008

Some of my cacti have mealy bugs, they must be destroyed!(the mealys I mean) How do I do it?

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lactamien, i feel your pain!!!! i was prepard to throw ALL of my cacti away and sterilize my intire area, but i read that a systemmic pesticide was all i needed... and Glory to God, it worked..... i got the occasial one or two, but no more groups...... i went to my l;ocal nursey and picked up thier systimic pesticide..... its was 25.00 for a large bottle, that will last me for all of my meally bugs...........

a systemic pesticide will in essence, turn your plants into a poison trap..... your plant soaks it up then it stores it, and when the mealy bugs sucks the juice outta your plant, it will be eating its last meal........

you could also, if the number are small, go through with a toothpick and have fun getting revenge..... or get a q-tip with rubbing alchole....... but I WOULD choose the pesticide.....

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