very sad (dying?) succulent in great need of some help!

vviolaMarch 23, 2013

i bought this succulent (not even sure what kind it is) at a gallery back in january. i think the problem started with me accidentally over watering it, and it not getting enough sun. the leaves became visibly unhealthy, even a few black spots appeared, until i moved it in a place with a lot more sun. although doing this made it lose all it's green (now the leaves look almost purple), the top appears to be doing okay but the rest of the leaves are drooping? there is no fullness to the leaves at all, and i'm scared to water it again... also, there seems to be a indent in most of the leaves, as seen in the picture. it's also gotten craaazy taller than it was when i first bought it.

i have no idea where to start to get this little guy better! i imagine i'll have to propagate the healthy leaves on the top because the roots are damaged, but i'm not quite sure. i'm a first time succulent owner, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

It is tall due to not enouph sun. Those crystals look like salt chystals. they hurt the plant. try removing that mix and giving it a cactus mixture

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Personally, I'd whack it just where the dying leaves are. allow it ot callous and plant it in good mix. Then remove all the dying leaves and you might get some pups growing from the remaining stem. The stuff that looks like salt is more probably a course sand as a top dressing.

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