Neoregelia IDs

neoregeliaOctober 1, 2009


can someone help me.

I have this buy as Neoregelia amoullacea.

But i think this is not a Neo. ampullacea.

And this is not a Neo. tigrina or 'Marnier-Lapostolle' (i have some, but this looking other).

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Are the leaves fairly soft? It looks more like N. tigrina than any form of N. ampullacea. I'd like to see your other N. tigrina before saying that's not what this is. I hope you are not confusing N. tigrina with N. ampullacea 'Tigrina'.

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i will show a picture from my Neo. tigrina. And i have Neo. ampullacea 'Tigrina'. I´m not confusing

Maybe it is a Neo. 'Wee Willy'?

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