T. guelzii

bromadams(10b)October 25, 2009

Does T. guelzii need more water that the usual silver Till? Mine is showing some wrinkles but it has produced pups and otherwise looks healthy. It was in bloom when I got it.

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Being related to T. vernicosa and for a while erroneously named T. ixioides, your plant doesn't like to be wet. If the wrinkles you're talking of are at the base of the leaves there's nothing to worry about, just the way it grows. Let me know when it get divisible ;-)

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The wrinkles are at the base of a few leaves so thanks for the diagnosis. I did kill a bulbosa from lack of water.

I have vernicosa and they are morphologically similar. I get most of my Tills from Tropiflora at plant sales and I do think I paid a fair amount for guelzii but I can't remember now. Usually I get the Tills for anywhere from $4 to $12 so I would guess that I paid $20 for that guelzii.

There will be another big sale in two weeks. I may pick up one or two more Tills from Tropiflora if there is anything interesting. They usually have many 100's of Tills just piled up in baskets. Great fun!

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There wasn't anything exciting from Tropiflora at the sale, but I didn't get there until the second day of the sale and I might have missed the good stuff. I grabbed a few random plants and got a 'Pink Velvet', hondurensis and brachycaulos x concolor.

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