e-bay seller needs to step it up

gonzer_gwOctober 3, 2010

DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way affiliated with this auction.

It puzzles me why folks sell their wares on the Bay when it seems they've been grown in 100% shade. If they can't practice proper growing hygiene(!?) how the heck is the buyer going to get maximum benefit? Nice group of plants here but sadly mis-managed. If the seller happens to see this I hope you see the error of your ways!

Here is a link that might be useful: Linky-dinky

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He probally won't and many of Ebay's features like contact seller is a muck. I tried to contack seller as what he did to poor Darth :(

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You nailed that one hd, Darth was what prompted me.

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It also looks like he has used heaps of fertiliser to get more pups. They don't look good at all.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi gonzer,

It sure is a shame to see plants like that, although at least that seller seems to be showing what you are going to get? I don't sell on eBay myself, but luckily a lot of our Oz eBay sellers routinely provide plants that are even better in the flesh than they are on the screen and it is a real buzz to receive them. It's just a shame that you can occasionally get something green and strappy.

Cheers, Paul

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Hi Guys

I'm with the Disclaimer - not affiliated - don't even look, only when people send me ID queries.

I really don't see a problem with the quality of the plants, we aren't all expert growers of everything are we, or are you, do consider the person may grow exceptionally good Neo's & Tillandsia's but not interested in Bills. so the quality drops.
My biggest gripe with e-bay is the number of incorrectly named plants being offered for sale, this is the area that needs the greatest attention, a good grower can grow a poor plant into a good quality plant but you can't make a wrongly named one right.

The last query I had was "is this Ae. serrata or smithiorum", no it was neither, it was Ae. fendleri.


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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

I see alot of under-coloured neos on our Australian Ebay, or in my opinion anyway, but I think this only affects the seller really, because it doesn't attract the buyers that a good coloured gallery pic would.
Then again, I see some terribly vibrant, photo shopped gallery pics, with inflated prices to match, and unfortunately people are sucked in and buy them. (I was one, way back when) and lo and behold, how disappointing when your plant doesn't perform. At least if you buy them thinking they are green, you aren't being fed rubbish, and might get a surprise if you forget to fertilise and grow them in a bit more light!
I sell on Ebay on occasion, and always have a pic of the sale plant, but the sale plant isn't always in top colour,as I usually do start them off in shadier conditions and with a little fert.
How many buyers get good coloured neos/Bills and put them in the shade anyway? Why has my plant turned green?
Luckily they can always come to this forum for expert advice on how to get the best from their bromeliads.
Anyway, thats just my opinion, but I agree, it was sad to see the plants not at their best colour, but maybe the seller isn't educated about the conditions needed?
I regularly buy from Ebay australia, as its often the only way i can stave off my cravings (lack of local bromeliad sellers. I usually check feedback, and have made good friends with a few sellers, so am getting a network of good sellers and info on those that aren't. Its getting harder to find broms I'm interested in now though.
By the way, not affiliated with the seller in the link.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

Its not just the ones selling broms on ebay, there are lots of sellers that don't use the right name or even know how to grow plants there selling,I sell and buy lots of my epie on ebay and find out some of the one I buy the names on them are not right, it can take up to 3 yrs to get a bloom so after 3 yrs what can you do about it so I learn who and who not to buy from by checking forums like this one and ask about a seller to learn from others who buy and sell
Just my 2 cents worth

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paddy_2009(Gladstone Australia)

Well, I have purchased nearly all my Broms from EBay and I am very happy with the quality and naming of my plants. I only deal with the best, those with a feedback of %100 and have not had any trouble at all.
For people who live outside of a metropolitin are where the are a lot of nurseries places like EBay are the only way to build a collection

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Hi Paddy,

I tend to agree with you; and although I have bought plants from nurseries as well as Ebay, I find if you stick to the ones with the good past records, you usually don't have any trouble. There are of course bad ones in both categories but they are usually easily spotted and avoided.

All the best, Nev.

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