Hi! Everyone, so what you up too!

taz56(z8 Ga.)March 9, 2010

I've been working in my greenhouse a few days now. I pulled out a few plants and some brugs started putting

some super strive on them, our weather has been lovely

here lately upper 70's calling for rain Wed & Thursday though. The grass and tree's are sprouting my tulip tree has many flowers! Alot of bulbs are starting to bloom and the robins are every were, a sure sign of spring here in s.e ga. Well just wanted to say hi and see what everyone is doing! Come' on spring, lol!



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Awesome Susan, I wish I had a green house to toot around in. I just have my sun porch. I have been inspecting all of my brugs, under leaves and such and have found what i think to be a problem on a santa rosa Im not sure what it is though, I think it might me a whit fly larvae? so IÂm feakin about that lol and seedling got some seedlings going and I cant wait till spring. I can feel it lolol

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sibhskylvr((Mike) Arkansas)

I have 'greenhouse' envy Susan!! :) Spring is almost here!


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It's starting to feel like spring here too. Not as much blooming but the crocus and snowdrops are everywhere. Everyone's mood has lifted. We've had so much snow and cold. This weather just makes you happy.

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Susan, great that you have spring fever! Is the tulip tree a magnolia?

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haase(10 CA)

Hi Susan, and everyone.
Is the Bingo Game over now?
Hope you all get spring fever. - That's something good, isn't it?


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Yeah, Mike...I have greenhouse envy also. IF I DID have
one...my Larry probably wouldn't even get a meal on the
table because I would sleep outside! I love to grow
plants. Worked outside the past two days....at first, I
was more tired than a "junk-yard dog"...but, I'm ready
to go again. Trees are budding, birds singing and even
the frogs are making some noise. I'm happy!!
p.s. The UPS man has been dropping off a few treasurers
also :)

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Hey, Susan, I was just thinking 'bout ya, wondering if you're getting this rain yet. An inch, so far, and more to come!
Frogs are awake here, hellebores blooming, birds singing, and generally Spring here. Dragged most of my brugs outside this morning- they are soaking up the first rain they've had in nearly 5 months! They look dead........ but they're not. I don't know how they survive hibernation, but they do, most all of them.
Yes, Karyn, I have a smile on my face- it's Spring and we survived that awful winter!
Hugs to all!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I pulled everything out of the greenhouse today too. Discovered the aphids and fungus gnats were having a party in there and of course got onto and into all the good stuff lol. So then I had to get Neem and spray it all. We are supposed to be getting that rain down here starting tomorrow afternoon so then I will have to spray again grrr. Maybe I should of just left everything in there...sometimes its better NOt to Know lol.

The fun thing I did today was take some of the baby chicks I hatched, outside and let them play in the dirt. Boy did they have a great time scratching around and chasing lizards, bees and anything that moved. One would find a bug and run around with it screeching like it won the lottery and all the others would chase it. They sure made me laugh.

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HI Gang!
I'm sacrificing one of my brug gardens for a veggie plot for this year. I hilled it up into a raised bed, 4'x10'size. I'm using the square foot method, it's really cool & productive. When one veggie is harvested, I'll turn it under, add a little compost, & sow something else in it's place. So crop rotation naturally occurs, cutting down on soild depletion & pest infestation. I plan on using most of the rest of my garden space for my hundred or so brug plants, cuttings & seedlings. This year, I will be tucking in seeds of beans in bare spots, and turn them under after harvest, to increase the fertility of my soil even more. (I'm a big organic gardener) Any given day, you can spy banana peels, orange & grapefruit rinds left over from lunch, hiding in a ziplock bag in my purse, heading home for my compost!) I'll be nagging my hubby this year, into hauling many truck loads of the most beautiful dark friable old horse manure this side of Eden. My soil is sandy, & because of the heat here, it eats up organic material like crazy! My little greenhouse gets a rotation of brug cuttings every day, then back in they go at night! I'm sowing more veggie seeds tomorrow before I go to work- lettuce, kale, beets, more snow pod peas. I'll dust all my legumes (peas & beans) with an inocculant, to increase the nitrogen at their roots & raise yields. Tonight I'm sowing more peppers- a nice rainbow color mix. That's it for now- better stop rambling, & get back to it!

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Hi Ingrid, bingo is not over yet. I need five more brug names!

The rest of you, wow you really got spring fever bad! This is our second day with high winds. I just filled up two bins with palm fronds, and still have more to take out next week!

Lenette, I stopped at our Red Barn yesterday looking for chicks, LOL! I kept telling myself that I was just going to look at them. Well, they didn't have any. The girl said they had a batch and a lot died because it was too cold :-( They are expecting more at the end of the month. I am trying to hold back, but when you talk about those beautiful chicks, I want some too, LOL! You should post some pictures of them for the rest to see -- they are soooooooo cute!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Hi! Ingrid, bingo is almost over, should have a winner any
day now very close!
Eloise, yes it is a magnolia its so pretty!
Hi! Brenda the rain starts here tonight, I worked in the
greenhouse and yard today it was so nice, but I was so
tiered I get out of shape in the winter, lol! Some of
my brugs in the greenhouse look great nice green leaves
I am getting spring fever so bad lol!
Hey Kathy, I throw all my banana peels on my plant and
have a big pile of leaves I recycle when its ready and use
it in beds too! Cool!
Mike don't sweat the greenhouse, you have such a greenthum
anyway! Hee! Hee! Hey Margaret! Karyn I am so happy it's
starting to feel like spring for you, bless your heart you had
a terrible winter, I know you are smileing :)

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Hi there,

I put all the brugs out earlier this week and they had a nice shower. They look happy with the super bloom fertilizer so I'm giving them a dose of Epsom salt this weekend. Pulling all the other plants out of the laundry room and resolved to get a greenhouse or wintering house this year so I don't have to move them around all winter. Most of the plants in the yard look dead and I'm not used to that so hope to see some greening soon.

Going to our local GW plant swap this weekend, but it's been a tough winter so it seems visiting is mostly what we'll do this time. Fall will be much better and there are some other swaps later in the spring.


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I wanted spring here so bad, but now that you all are slowly sounding off in your respective zones, it's getting closer to me and I've barely started anything. Overwhelmed already.

Last night I heard a lone canadian geese trumpeting while it flew overhead, it was so pleasing. It has an added bonus of the symbology with that good trumpet of God's.

Glad to share the excitement of spring - Sandy

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I have got a bad "spring fever" too! keep come back home with plants everywhere I went!

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