Vriesea Saundersii

caveman-bromOctober 3, 2008

For my follow South Africans. One of my Vriesea Saundersii is full of seed capsules (I did not pollinate them) and they are beginning to burst open. If you want some seed, e-mail my.



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Hello Nico!

How do i get in touch with you? I am from the Philippines. Would it be possible for you to send me some of those seeds? I have not tried growing broms from seeds and I dont think there are many available here in the Philippines. I would appreciate though if you can get in touch with me. Thanks in advance.

My email is red.barrister@yahoo.com


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I planted some saundersii seeds that i got from BSI in February and I've managed to keep 2 alive and they are tiny little nothings. These are going to be heirlooms by the time they are big enough to plant.

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