Finally... A new pad on my Prickly Pear

argentcorvid(5)August 26, 2007

Here's a Opuntia a bought in the produce section of my local grocery store this past January, out of boredom. In case anyone else wants to try it, I watered it about once a week, and only began to see growth (other than swelling from absorbing water) toward the end of April. It hasn't quite filled out yet, but is still growing.

They should open in a new window.

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Do you know what species it is? I found some naturally occuring eastern prickly pear that I transplanted and I'm growing.

There was a really big cluster of them growing between two rocks at the end of our community drive way but my neighbor, who owns that area, dug them up and got rid of them and planted some daffodils. I like the cacti better...

Anyways, I took a piece long before this but I wish I knew what she was going to do b/c I'd have a nice patch right now.

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I believe it's Opuntia ficus-indica, commonly sold in markets as "nopales" or "nopalitos". They're delicious cut up in scrambled eggs.


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does prickly pear cactus flower? i have it for several years and it never flowered or showed any signs of it.

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yes, they do flower, and very beautiful ones too. Mostly yellow, but also red ones too.

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Any updates on your plant? Has it bloomed?

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