flower_crazed(6)October 31, 2008

Hi! I received a Bromelaid yesterday for my b-day. I know it came from Costco and the tag has a few different pictures of Bromelaid's on it with some names, so from looking at that I think it is a Guzmania with a super bright pink/redish color flower. The tag has some basic instructions on it, not hard to follow. I was thinking of putting it in my office at work with me, but the tag stated it needs bright filtered light. My only window faces North so I am thinking this will not be enough light, or am I wrong? I grow orchids in a terrarium, I have about 75 to 80 orchids, so Bromelaids are new to me. I don't have room in my terrarium for large sized plants. Do you think it will be ok in my office at work? Any additional information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. I have always liked Bromelaids when I see them, but I have just always been to much into orchids to purchase a Bromelaid for my I hope Bromelaids won't be as addicting as orchids are for me! I don't think I can handle two



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Becca you might be able to get by with a north window on a Guz. As far as the addiction.....its worse than orchids and they are good companion plants

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Well I'll give it a try and see how it goes with the North window. The Bromelaid has a tag on it from Kent' Bromelaid Nursery, I went to their website and was just doing some reading. Will I be in trouble if my humidity is around 20%? I did read that I could mist the plant to help with humidity. Also, what if I have a heater vent right under the window? I know for orchids, this is a big no,no, but wasn't sure if it would be ok for a bromelaid. I'll be sure to let my hubby know that he has started a new addiction, he will be

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The heater is a no no (misting will help and water the roots and let them dry some before rewatering in winter)but after the bloom fades you could bring it home and put it where it won't freeze with bright indirect light and wait for pups next year

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