What is Wrong with this Cactus?

bmdhistory(6)August 17, 2008

Yesterday, I went to a small nursery that has a greenhouse with some gorgeous houseplants in it. They had some cacti and I couldn't resist picking a few up since they were larger cacti and only cost $3.99.

Today, I repotted the ones that I bought as they were much too large for the small 4 inch pots that they were in - roots were coming out of the bottom, etc.

When repotting one of them, I noticed something that I didn't see at the nursery. What is along the bottom of the cactus? It is dry and does not appear to be soft. Is it rot or sunburn? What can I do for it?

Any help is appreciated.


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bmdhistory, i have yet to find a cacti that has a solid green base..... cacti, with age, will develope a brown, and corky base....... IF it is not soft, it is normal..... if it turns a more darkish black, and starts to turn mushy.... its rot.... its NOT sunburn..... and i can't tell if its rot or not... but it looks like the normal aging to me...

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