WANTED: Rare or unusual specimens in Southern California

PlantPropagandaMay 13, 2013

Hello! I am a collector and nursery manager interested in purchasing unusual specimens locally (in the Southern California / San Diego area). I am looking for rooted plants of a good size. Examples include:

- Hoyas
- Orchids
- Staghorn ferns
- Dischidia
- Huernia / Stapelia
- Alpine specimens
- Ferns
- Unusual, rare or cristate succulents and euphorbias
- Variegated varieties or specimens

And so forth. I am looking to pay and not to trade. Please get in touch with me at deekitchen@comcast.net if you think you might be able to help out, or if you know anyone in the area who I could get in touch with. :)

Best wishes!

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