Tillandsias blooming twice?

caligrown(9b)October 31, 2013

Hey all, around 7 months ago one of my Tillandsias bloomed. Fast forward to about a week ago the tillasdsia has already reverted back to green and has produced two almost mature offsets. I changed the light for my geckos enclosure(I keep a few bromeliads in there) The pant started to color up within a day of me changing the light. Yesterday I noticed a flower starting to emerge. How many of you have had this happen to you before. I have been growing bromeliads for 5 years now and every brom that has bloomed for me has died within 3 years besides my Dyckia's.

Here is a picture of it flowering 7 months ago.

Here is a picture of it yesterday.

Thanks for any information your able to provide me.

Regards, Patrick

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I've never had it happen with my collection, but never say never! About a year ago, I recall reading about someone in Canada having a T. ionantha mother plant bloom twice (blooms were about 6 months apart). No pictures were provided, so I took it with a grain of salt, per se.

I have seen a few of my ionanthas start to re-blush after flowering and producing pups. The mother slowly reverted back to a green color after flowering, and then flushed with a less intense pinkish/red coloration near the uppermost top of the plant sometime later.

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Thank you for the info. I figured it was kind of rare. Ill see if I can dig up more pictures of the first bloom to prove its the same plant. A second flower emerged today.

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It happens frequently with T. ionantha and it's cultivars. Your plant is ionantha var. stricta forma fastigiata.

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