Bromelien Westermann

tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)October 2, 2008

Finaly we have a good source for bromeliads here in Europe! I have already ordered from this nursery, but since then they have enlarged their web site and put also some pictures of their greenhouse, so I could spot some of the most wanted plants and get them. Here are the names, you surely will know which is which. Aechmea orlandiana Ensign, Aechmea orlandiana pink, Billbergia Fascinator, Neoregelia Aztec, Neoregelia Color Parade, Neoregelia concentrica, Neoregelia Hybride, Neoregelia Midnight, Tillandsia dyeriana, Vriesea corcovadensis, Vriesea platynema variegata, 2 Vriesea Red Chestnut, Vriesea rubyae, Werauhia marnier-lapostolei, Vriesea Nova

I especialy hope that the orlandianas and the neoregelias will grow for me, so I will take more.


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Good selection Tomas. Where is the nursery located?

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Seems like a good source. Tomas already told me to pay him a visit. Westermann is a few hours drive away from me, he's just across the border. I will when I have the time.

I think he is a lurker on the GW.
So hi Bert... :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Westermann

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tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)

Hi Sander,

do not forget to take some photos, there can be some other surprises hidden there ;-)


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Nice plants Tomas! You have got a beautiful Midnight! And I am sure your orlandianas will look wonderful if you mount them where they will get some direct sun. You must watch out for the nice temperature bands that Color Parade will give you when it starts growing again after Winter.


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Nice Collection.

A. Ensign is looking really nice.

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mike4284m(z10b Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Nice pick ups! That 'Midnight' does look great. I'm still trying to figure out how to perfect that nice dark color.

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I'm glad there are more great broms available to you all in Europe.
Tomas - all those new babies look healthy and well grown, and reasonably priced too. Wishing you lots of future enjoyment from them.


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Tomas did that plant shipment require any sanitation paperwork to ship to you?

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tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)

Japie and Kerry, thank you for your wishes!

Yes, the plants are well grown and the coloration is realy exceptional if you consider that the sun of north-western Germany is not realy tropical! My Vriesea Nova is growing well here in Rome but it is loosing the nice white variegation even if it is exposed to a lot of filtered sun.

There are no borders for the good circulation inside Europe, so no control and no certification is required. All the phyto control of the plant production is based on self-certification and the nursery grants for the health of the plants. some may take it seriously, some not, but the responsibility is of the nurserymen.


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