Clippings of Christmas Cacti

kjd3682August 19, 2013

I have a Christmas Cactus that I've owned for several years (probably about 15 or so). It's never grown more branches. For the first time, I finally got around to re-potting it about a year ago.(yes, I'm a horrible gardener, plants fear my name) It must have liked it, because I got blooms on it for the first time in a few years.

Anyway, since the re-potting, there is one branch that has continued to shrivel up, I'm assuming I accidentally snapped it off the main branch (and root system). What can I do for it? Is it too late? (It's hard for me to throw out plants. It's like I'm throwing away a friend). Is this a plant that could be 'planted' in water to establish roots? Please help!!

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Yes , I have an old one I take cutting from, not intentionally but it is so huge I break them off getting it in and out during the seasons.Just put them in water and wait until they get roots and plant .I always put several cutting in one pot to make a nice new plant to give as gifts to friends. Seems to work for me, good luck.

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when is the right time to re-potting ?

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