WANTED: Have: Several kinds of seeds

mark4321_gwJune 17, 2012

I have a few types of seeds I'd like to send someone (maybe two people if I still have enough).

I'm probably interested in trading for postage, but I'm open to trade offers. Not all of these will grow in inland areas.

Fuchsia boliviana Alba (sent as a berry)

Eupatorium sordidum*

Senecio barbertonicus

Petunia exserta**

Schizanthus grahamii

Roldana petasitis

Anthurium scandens 'Amethyst Grape' (house/greenhouse plant, sent as berries)

*as sold by Annie's Annuals. The name is invalid and the naming confusion is discussed by Kartuz, who I believe sell it as "Bartlettina Species".

**may be low/out for a couple weeks until new seeds ripen

I have photos of all but Schizanthus.

Fuchsia boliviana Alba:

Plant sold as Eupatorium sordidum by Annie's Annuals:

Senecio barbertonicus (this plant is actually in a pot at my sister's):

Petunia exserta:

Schizanthus grahamii photos are on Annie's Annuals site:


Roldana petasitis:

Anthurium scandens 'Amethyst Grape':

I have not checked for viability of all of these, but all are fresh.

I would like to send to one (or possibly a couple) people. If you are interested in only one or two of those seeds please let me know.

Please contact me directly. GW does not always forward responses to me that are directly posted.

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