Susan, any action?

Lisa_H(7)June 9, 2011

Susan, are you getting any butterfly action? I have beautiful fennel, tons of passion vine, a little bit of pipevine, and some asclepias....and absolutely no butterflies.

I'm beginning to think the tornadoes must have blown them all away.


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Lisa, very little to no action. I have a few eggs on the Fennel, but very few.

I had an American Lady visit for several days, and while I keep checking the Pearly Everlasting, I'll be darned if I could ever find eggs even if they ARE there! LOL!

I have Cabbage Whites on my tiny Cleome plants, so don't know that they will survive.

The fruit feeder is the most active - lots of Tawnies and Hackberries.

Yesterday I was visited by a beautiful Funereal Duskywing. She was GORGEOUS. I think she was very fresh. Don't think I have any larval host plants for them, though.

That's about it! This is the driest year I have had in the last 10 years.


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