pineapple question

Clm128October 1, 2013

first off if this isnt the right place to post this im sorry in advance as i dont grow pineapple nor know much about them.

im writting here for a friend who is growing a pineapple tree, currently indoors for the winter. the plant is 16-17 months old and he is trying to induce fruiting. is there a prefered method that anyone has had success with?

he lives in a place called pembroke ontario, it gets 6 hours sun through a big window per day, with no light on it. currently hes not fertalizing and just letting it grow on his own, but on that note could anyone recommend a good fertalizer for his tree?

thanks in advance for any advice

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1st off pineapples do not grow on trees. With only 6 hours of sun it could take years for it to fruit. In Hawaii it would take 18 months.

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sorry like i said i dont grow pine apples im just asking on behalf of a friend but good to know.... if its not a tree what is it considered?

would artifical light help help in his case? if so what types of light would be best and how long a day would give optimal results? as well what ratio of fertalizer should he be looking for?

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It's a monocot, like garlic and lilies and bamboo...and it gets broad--it's a bromeliad. Generically you might call it a bush, though that's misleading too.

Artificial light certainly helps. Optimal would be MH or HPS, but the good 'ol t5 fluorescent tubes could get the job done. Fertilizing bromeliads is one of those topics where everyone seems to have their own opinion. Once a month at 1/2 to 1/3 the concentration the label calls for is usually a safe bet, though.

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okey good to know, what kind of NPk ratio are we talkin?

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I'm using a 17/9/26. It's "Epiphyte's Delight" from rainforestflora. No research went into that choice, sheer laziness. I figure if it's good for a tillandsia (another bromeliad) it's fine for a pineapple.

Also, noticed you mentioned your friend was trying to induce fruiting. I'm pretty sure the ethylene gas trick works just the same for pineapples as it does most other bromeliads: contain the entire plant in a clear bag with a few very ripe apples and let them decay. I've also heard that the bag isn't necessary, just close proximity. The caveat to this is a sub optimal bloom and fruit, though.

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Okey perfect! Thanks for the info!

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I have a few fruiting now. I rarely fertilise (mainly laziness/too busy) but if I do I use seaweed/fish emulsion diluted. The main thing is not to over fertilise.

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