When to pot up?

keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)March 16, 2011

Hi guys..

When should I pot up my cuttings into soil?

I was going to plant them in 2/3 perlite 1/3 soil..?? wrong? should I use more soil? I was thinking the perlite would be fast draining..

Should I plant them up after I see 4-8" long roots? or not wait that long?

Let me know

Thanks guys!


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Hi Keriann-
I usually pot them up when they are close to rootbound. I am using my own mix of sandy garden soil, composted horse manure with fine wood shavings, (well broken down) and perlite. That works for me. Experiment and see!

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Thanks Kathy.

I would have never guessed they could stay in perlite that long! I will wait a few more weeks and they try some different mediums, including trying to replicate yours. It seems we have opposite soil, you have sandy and I have clay. Both a pain that needs to be ammended.. and you have a horse..... I only have dogs lol

hmmm.. a horse.. would it be too extreme to get a horse just so I can feed my brugmansias????.... Yep, I am that addicted to these beauties : )


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Actually, I don't have a horse, (only room for brugs!) But I know of a huge horse ranch, and they deliver! I'll be calling him again soon! Brugs love nourishment!

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