HAVE: Xhange event: edibles from ur garden Sat 21 aug 9a San Die

ellieengland(92116)August 20, 2010

This is an experiment. Swing by with ABOUT $10 worth (or $20 if you want a double "share") of produce, fruits, veggies, eggs, milk, honey or whatever else grows in your yard or garden that you have too much of and want to trade.

Food will be cached at 9.15am and distribution will happen then. The idea is that we draw straws to see who "goes first" and then start around - everyone picks one thing per "turn".

If you have stuff that isn't exactly edible but is related (ie: baby chicks, plants, seeds, etc), they won;t be automatically included - only food is automatically included. However, if you wanna bring em anyway, they should be worth no more than $5 and if someone wants to pick your item, it can be included in the exchange.

Arrive at 9a sharp(ish) ;) - Food cached at 9.15 and distributed right after.

3321 Madison Ave 92116

It is best approached by going to 33rd and Adams (hwy 8S - Adams/Madison offramp OR hwy 15N/15S Adams offramp) and then coming one block south to Madison. We are between Felton and 33rd. OCCASIONALLY people get lost trying to approach from other parts of Madison Ave so....FYI

If these work well, we will be refining the process based on the ideas of participants. The "field tests" will go on for four weeks and at the end, we are going to try to incorporate other trade things (labour in someone's garden, perhaps "prepared food" like jam, chicks, seeds, WhatHaveYou) in the hopes of creating a super-locally-grown food community in "urban farms" (backyards!) in surrounding neighbourhoods.



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