Sad day :(

willie_n_txMarch 25, 2010

Well yesterday there was apparently a bad wind storm while I was out of town. I come home and nearly all the leaves are blown off or broken in half on my brugs. All of the buds are gone and there are several broken branches.... Hopefully i can nurse them back and maybe they will still bloom this year but it is unlikely. Literaly all the growth tips are gone now :(

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Don't be too despondent. It is low temps rather than wind that kills Glory Bushes. Just tidy the plant up and cut away parts that you think will have been damaged. I'll be surprised if it doesn't recover.

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Believe me they'll recover and bloom, probably several times over the course of the summer and fall. There's a long time left in your growing season. Why don't you go ahead and root what broke off. They'll likely bloom in the not too distant future as well if they already had buds on them. It looks terrible now but brugs are amazingly resilient.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your damage, it's discouraging, isn't it? But, like all of us, you'll just keep on keepin' on and new growth will occur and make your garden pretty again. Keep your chin up!

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haase(10 CA)

I know for a fact that they will come back and bloom for you again this year. The year has just started, it is springtime. We had this horrible hail-storm some time during the winter months and my one and only brug (at the time) was very damaged, leaves and tips alike. It all came back and in fact they are blooming and putting out trumpets right now, just like nothing ever happened.


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chena(z8 Texas)

OH MAN!! The good part is it is early and if you have Blooms now No leaves and blown of blooms will recover in just a couple of weeks.. HEART BREAKING I KNOW!! I am so sorry!!
Can't wait to see the next round of blooms!! I just wish I had a bloom to talk about..LOL ;0)

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Sorry Willie, but it is early spring,they just might bless
you,never know! Wishing you and your brugs the best! :)

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