HAVE: red rose needs to live outside of San Francisco

tropical_thought(San Francisco)November 3, 2010

I have a red rose, but the flowers won't open because there are too many petals and not enough heat. I paid top dollar for this name brand rose, I would want to know you live in the east bay or south bay. If you have anything to trade me, I like bulbs, those are easy to dig up and transport, but just knowing the rose is going to a good home is enough. The rose is very disease resistant, but the flowers still won't open in San Francisco. It has no rust, mildew, or black spot.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I did give this away on craigs. It turned out, I later discovered it would not open because it had Botrytis. If I had known, I may have been able to get the rose to open. I wanted a fungal proof rose and it was, but it still got Botrytis. I have cleared up the Botrytis now. But, it had a high petal count. I later learned, I should have selected a rose with a low petal count for San Francisco. Some roses with high petal counts won't open all the way due to lack of heat.

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Oh I am sorry. Mine got that this spring as well and I didn't know what it was until someone posted it on the rose forum. Love San Francisco! You all have it right. In LA everyone abandons the city after 6pm and it's too dangerous. Not like that in SF at all and it's beautiful to look at any time of year.

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