Repotting 2-3 year old cactus seedlings

wilsocnMarch 4, 2013

I cant remember exactly when but about 3 years ago I planted lots of seeds (golden barrels, fishhook barrel, etc). I started them in little 2" plastic pots that I got off of ebay and they got crowded I divided them up and put 3-4 plants each into 4" clay pots and they did very well outside last summer. They grew a lot and now they are crowding each other out and their spines are all digging into each other.

I would say they are averaging just under1.5" in diameter. I would like to repot them again this growing season but I am not sure what size pot would be best. I still have all those 2" seedling pots which would be a nice size on top but I am not sure about them being deep enough for the roots.

Any suggestions?


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Michael's art supplie store has small deep pots and small shallower pots. I use them for my small cactus. I also use plastic pots on my small cactus plants.

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Thanks for the suggestion. A Michael's just opened up here about a month ago so this seems like a good reason to go and check it out tomorrow.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Cactus do like their roots to not have too much rootspace. They then can not drink up the moisture quick enough and it can encourage rot. The pots are very inexpensive so I get an assortment.

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Clay pot are great for cactus because it dries out faster.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

If the potting mix is porous and well-draining, cactus will grow much better/faster in a larger volume of mix. Using a small volume of soil is just a means of "working around" an inappropriate choice of potting mix. Hardly any plants actually "like" their roots to be crowded.


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I've always grown my small Echinopsis pups in small pots, but I've changed that last fall. The small pots always dried out so fast in the high summer temperatures and extremely dry air around here and I don't have time to water every other day. At the worst they had a high mortality rate and at best they lived, but never grew.

Now I've decided to grow them in community pots and so far they have been very happy. The true test will come this summer when I'll be expecting a lot more growth.

But you know your environment better than I do so small pots may work for you. Plus I am basically growing plants with the same needs and that makes a difference, too.

Anyway--good luck with your babies. I've never had success growing from seed yet, but I keep hoping. :-)

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