need help, for my new Mini Neoregelia Homepage

neoregeliaOctober 9, 2011


I opening next year summer 2012 my new Mini Neoregelia


The website shows only Mini Neoregelias.

It shows many pictures from many kinds and hybrids.

would and could you help me with pictures from pubs, clusters, baskets, flowerings with Mini Neoregelia for free disposal.

You can write me to my e-mail, the minimum size must be are 800x600 better are 1024x768 or larger. And not forgett the name of the bromeliads.

please help me, to make this site to a large archive.

I have many nice amazing pictures become from others,

but i need some more. I will open the site with a amazing selection.

Bye Rene

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Hi everyone,

Rene - Why don't you try posting your request on the other bromeliad forum as well as I think it has a larger membership.

Good luck with the site

All the best, Nev.

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Thank you,
I have make a membership, i will try on it.

Bye Ren�

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