Suggestions for shade trees/shrubs for an animal shelter

rockinrobin_2008March 20, 2008


I volunteer at an animal shelter in Southern CA (LA area). We recently installed artificial grass in our play yards and need some suggestions for trees/shrubs that we can plant by our play cages to assist with shade in the warmer months (we also are installing accordian style shade covers over the play cages). We are looking for fast growing (but not something that will get too gigantic), non leaf dropping trees that are low maintenance, somewhat drought tolerant (we do have a sprinkler system), with root systems that will not spread too much (we have a long ashpalt driveway near the play cages where we need to plant the trees so need something that won't push the asphalt up). Can anyone suggest trees or shrubs that might work for our situation?

Thank you

Robin and the dogs at the shelter

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Robin (and all of those four-legged darlings!), you will probably want to post this over in the Discussions area, since the Gallery doesn't get too much traffic lately. :)

I'm in N. Cali, so I'll leave the advice to those who live closer to your area. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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