Variegated Fritillary!

Lisa_H(7)June 24, 2012

I forgot to get a picture of it while it was still a caterpillar, but I did catch one as it was making its cocoon. And the next day I looked....and look how pretty it is!!!

The cocoon is stuck to a piece of paper towel, and not to a stick, do I need to attach him to a stick so it has room to move when it comes out?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Don't move it, just put it in a place where it can climb up something to unfold, pump up and dry his or her wings until it can fly before you release it.

Variegated fritillary chrysalides are so pretty! I usually get the plainer brown and white ones, but occasionally I get a white one like yours.

Congrats, congrats!


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He hid under the paper towel. I wonder if that made a difference in the coloring.

Thanks, I have a net laundry basket thing I usually put them in. I will move it to that.

I took it to church this morning to "show and tell" :) I had brought the caterpillar for one of the VBS classes, so now they could see the chrysalis. It was fairly tolerant of all the oohs and aaaahs, until I picked it up. OOOOHHH, he was not happy and shook himself at me :)


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

The white paper towel may have indeed made the difference. The only white ones I've got a picture of were also under a white paper towel -

But here's a regular one, also under a white paper towel -

They must really prefer paper towel pupation! :)


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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

All of mine so far have been white but they have all attached to the mesh on my habitat (it's white mesh.) But that's very interesting because I didn't realize they were different colors.


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Those look so cool! That makes me want to try different colors next time to see what happens. : )

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