Pup different from parent

MuscledBear(10a)October 14, 2012

Hi all:

Bought a Billbergia 'Las Manchos' this spring. it did well outdoors during the Florida summer and grew a nice pup. The pup has a totally different morphology than the parent. Is this due to different growing conditions? It was in a pretty shady spot.

I've attached a pic of the pup and parent, the two still attached.



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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

Bill, Mine do the same thing when there young, but after awhile the start to look like the parent plant, I grow my bills out side all summer in about 6 hrs of full sun and the pups grow fast and end up looking like the parent,the sun in Fl. might be to strong to do the same, maybe some one in your area can be of better help

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ok. I grew it in deep shade all summer. I would also think the sun here in summer would be too much in mid day, but I moved it out to a brighter spot where it gets some sun now. so, will see what happens.

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I think that's caused from fertilizer. Fertilizer will make them grow fast, but often time they will be green.

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