Butterfly Acres

butterflymomok(7a NE OK)June 13, 2013

I went out to mow at the acreage this morning. We have had so much rain that everything has grown up. I was amazed at the number of butterflies. Hundreds and hundreds of butterflies were flying and nectaring on the white clover growing in the grass. There really isn't a lawn--just weeds and different types of grasses. Not really anything that you would call a wild flower meadow. But the butterflies were happy. There is wild plantain, the white clover, dandelions, and I think it's called "medic" the little tiny clover-like leaves with yellow flowers. The Eastern-tailed blues lay eggs on this. There were Variegated Fritillaries, Buckeyes, ETBs, Gray HSs, and all kinds of Sulphurs. There were also the biggest Checkered Whites that I have ever seen. Lots of hooking up was going on. Also saw Painted and Am Ladies--due to lots of cud weed. When I came home to my butterfly garden, there were a handful of butterflies. Mostly the Pipevine Swallowtails and the Variegated fritillary that I released this morning. I have tried so hard to create the perfect butterfly habitat, and I found it. But it's not what I imagined it would look like. Not very neat--really messy and weedy. I hated mowing this morning. I'll definitely leave an area au natural.


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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Sounds like an amazing place to me! They do like messy more than neat. I try to leave plantain, white clover, dandelions, and wild violets for them here when I mow.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

It sounds heavenly, Sandy! 'Wish I could see it!


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Sounds like nectar for the soul...
My garden has been quite lonely this year compared to two years ago, when I had up to 24 different spp of butterflies.
This year, I've been visited by two Monarchs and three American Ladies. I'm hoping things pick up here soon; the nectar's just starting to flow around here.

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Very quiet on this front, too. Hoping things will eventually pick up. I just have very little blooming right now.

Sandy, would love to see photos sometime! Sounds like heaven to me!


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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)


What a vision that must have been! It's great you plan to leave some of the land un mowed. It has been very quiet here in my neck of the woods this season. Pipevine is kept busy with little cats as mama Pipevine BF visits regularly and continues to leave lots of eggs, but that's about all the activity I've seen. One American Lady has been visiting to nectar. I wonder if the dearth of butterflies is due to the heavy storms we've seen throughout the Midwest. Lord, I hope we've not eliminated so many host plants that they are lacking the natural grown plants needed to survive.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Sounds fabulous Sandy!

Over the years, I have come to realize that as far as nature goes, "messy" is always better for all the little critters.

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

Thanks, all. I've wondered why so many butterflies on this plot of land. They are not down at the lake in the numbers that we usually see. However, yesterday was a perfectly still day here in the country. The pond looked like glass. We exceeded our ozone max in town--it was so still. This morning there is a breeze, which is nice when the temps are getting high. I left a big patch unmowed so the butterflies could nectar. I'm not sure about what host plants are around. There must be passionvine somewhere--I haven't seen any nor have I had a chance to plant anything yet.

I think I will call yesterday a gift from God for a person who is struggling right now. Whatever, it brought joy to my heart.


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Thank-you for sharing that wonderful experience with all of us. I hope your struggle is temporary, or that your load can be lightened somehow. If it helps to share, an anonymous "penpal" might be beneficial. Let us know if we can help.


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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

Thanks, Martha. I have decisions I have to make that are weighing heavily. Hoping to have some peace about what I do. I appreciate your kindness.


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I. Am always here for a good friend, too, Sandy! Give me a call if you need a shoulder......

I'm having a difficult summer as well. Lots of decisions to make.


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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

Susan, will try to get you called this next week. Are you home most days?


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Yes, lately I am. Talk to you soon then.........


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