Allow Sunlight thru a Chain Link fence (while concealing)?

sparkyrMay 6, 2011

I am looking for some advice about what plant I can grow on top of a large retaining wall/hillside that will slightly "conceal" a chain link fence withOUT blocking the sun. Obviously, I won't completely able to conceal the chain link but I'm hoping there is a plant that will help make it less noticeable. However, it is really really important not to block the sunlight too much. Additionally, it is way up high on a wall so it is very inaccessible so regular pruning (to thin a thicker plant) is not possible. :(

Does anyone have any ideas?

Things I've considered:

1. Ivy (since leaves will block the sun I don't think will work).

2. Sarracenia (I don't know which species or if they grow in SF but I thought the larger tubular shape of the pitchers might conceal. Plus, it doesn't look like they grow too densely)

3. An ornamental grass (I love horsetail but, again, I think it grows too thick and would block the sun). Maybe there's another?

4. Lowes has a plant that has a large white flower on it (almost looks like a really large orchid but it definitely isn't). Maybe a type of plant the flowers?

I attached a photo. You can't see the chain link in the photo because the sun is too bright but you can see the wall and the top bar of the fence.

Thanks for your input!!

Image link:

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