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avane_gwOctober 1, 2008

I got some interresting broms recently. I loved Neo Pemiento very much and when I got the chance to get Neo Margaret, I jumped to it! To me it looks almost just like an over sized Pemiento. I am sure the colour on it will get to the same intensity as Pemiento when grown in some direct sun. Does any one have an idea what the parents are?

Neo Margaret:

And then this cross between Milagro and carcharodon Tiger. It should be nice to watch it develop - and see how big that teeth are going to get!

Neo Shark Bait:

And then specially for Gonzer. These are the Tills that I eventually got. Some of those very exciting ones did not make it to South Africa.

Till capitata Marron (Does this only develop that browny red with the yellow center at flowering?):

Till durati (I'm so glad I got it eventually):

Till geminiflora:

Till jucunda:

Till Bonsall Beauty (I think I might have this one already, just labled as tenuifolia, but it never flowered for me yet, so I do not know for sure):

And this one I am very proud of and very glad that Dr Gonzer recommended I should get it!

Till Ty:


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Japie the parents are probally the same as Pemiento....there was a dispute over Margaret as the hybridiser so it was never registered. Margaret growns a cherry red hue here while Pemiento has a red to orange hue. Glad to see Tropiflora selling the plants again

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Right on Japie! Your Bonsall Beauty's leaves recurve more so than the regular caulescent forms of tenuifolia. That's what sets it apart. Duratii has always been one of my favorites. Nice stuff, and you got yer Tee-Tie. ;-)

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Hi all

Margaret is a beauty...hopefully easier than Pemiento, I havent had much luck with that one!

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Japie,Congratulations on your new Tills,they may not be as colourfull as the Neo's,but when they flower it's something else.Seems we share the same nursery,Lyn has a very good
varity and her plant are good and healthy.
Good Growing

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Thanks HDD, it makes sense. Margaret also has that thicker/harder type of leaf like Pemiento.

Tee-Tie is a beaut Gonzer! Will it grow best in a sunny, more dry spot, or will it appreciate it's father love for moisture and grow big and fat for me if I mount it where it will get a mist spray every day in summer? And while you are at it, does durati also like it a bit more dry and sunny?

I can't understand why you battle with Pemiento Dennis, treat it the same as your other favourite from the same grex - Milagro - and it will colour up very nicely. It is a bit slower growing and smaller than Milagro though.

Good to hear you are still into the Tills Neville! How is your shadehouse coming on?


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Go ahead and mist 'Ty' on a regular basis Japie, not so with duratii, they prefer very dry and good, strong light, full sun's OK. See my post with my old duratii pictured.

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