Unknown Tillandsia

avane_gwOctober 28, 2008

Some time ago I got a small twig that was covered with tillandsia seedlings from some one. Knowing they take quite a long time to develop into mature plants, I fastened the twig on the log where a lot of my tills are mounted and forgot about them except for the occasional glance every now and then. The other day when I looked at them, it seemed that they flowered! And I did not even see one flower! Anybody got an idea what they are?


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Japie, it looks to be T. mollis. Quite the slowpoke and not too often found. Very nice. The second choice would be T. funebris but I doubt it.

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Hi Japie could it be Tillandsia capillaris.
Seems very similar to mine labelled as above.

Cheers Richard

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