Trio of Tillandsia in flower

devo_2006October 20, 2008

Three Tillandsia coming into flower now.

Tillandsia stricta

Tillandsia tenuifolia

Tillandsia ?

Any ideas as to the ID of this last one?

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Excellent photos devo!
I'd say your unknown is T. 'Nez Misso', supposedly a cross between aeranthos and bergeri. See the article under "Uncle Derek" on the FCBS.

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Nice, Andrew!
Your T. tenuifolia has much longer flower heads than mine ever get. Do you feed yours? And would that make much difference to the flower size?


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Thanks Gonzer & Kerry,

Kerry, I'm not 100% sure my Till tenuifolia is in fact maybe var strobiliformis, as the FCBS photo looks similar, or it maybe a hybrid. Whatever it is, it grows well here without any feeding, just left to do its thing.

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