Orthophytum Saxicola

lrn2groOctober 25, 2012

New to site and growing plants....So I acquired a small Orthophytum Saxicola (at least that was what it was labeled as) from a sale at my local botanical garden. I have had it in the same small plastic pot that it came in. The guy I purchased it from told me to give it all the sun I could but water it more frequently than i would a cactus. I would say that my plant does not get as much sun as it probably should and that I water it about every 2 weeks. I have had it for about a month and a half and the tips of the plant are starting to turn brown and curl in. It also started to get some brown spots on it. What do I need to do differently to keep this guy alive? water more? transplant? more sun?


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Brown tips means..not enough water
yellow tips means...too much water

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The name "saxicola" means rock dwelling/growing, so naturally it's roots are probably in moss/lichen on rock. Usually that is out in the sun, but probably in a more humid climate with higher rainfall. As mentioned, the symptoms are lack of water.

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Thanx dewds

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